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Remember :
I never promised pearls of wisdom ---
only plastic pop-beads
from the flea market,
endless strings,
crazy colors.           

 c2011 MaraBuck 

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simpler times, but tacky

I remember actually wearing pop-beads before they ended up in the flea markets. Also, some crazy belts of wild colors that we popped on and off one buckle to match out "outfits!" Simpler times, but tacky.

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Ah, Lynn, I’m such a

Ah, Lynn, I’m such a miscreant that I am often drawn to the tacky along with the rest of the crows --- or is it perhaps vultures?

 Dear me, I seem to be creating a second verse! Somebody stop me…

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Sometimes plastic pop-beads

Sometimes plastic pop-beads in endless strings and crazy colors, discovered lying tangled in the junk at a flea market, are a lot more fun than pearls of wisdom. I like this poem a lot, Mara.

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Yep, you got it, Margo. I

Yep, you got it, Margo. I posted this tiny verse yesterday on Face Book as well, and I marveled at the diversity of the comments generated!  Interesting to be a catalyst to memory! Looking forward to checking out your writings.   Welcome to Red Room. 

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They were my favorite when I was young.

I love the pop-beads. Pretty to look at, fun to play with. I could make them into whatever I wanted. Heat plastic til molten. Yes, extreme heat and pressure to become the shape desired...crazy...always remained what it was created to be. Beautiful, Mara.

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Sharon, I always enjoy your

Sharon, I always enjoy your comments, which are genuine additions to my work.  Like our little chats.  Heat and pressure forming those diamonds!

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This posted a third time -

Help!...crazy...I keep trying to correct it.

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HaHa --- rather like that

HaHa --- rather like that old Mickey cartoon of the brooms and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice…

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For some reason

This posted twice.

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Though retaining their original purpose...

They could be easily ripped apart...and re-fashioned.

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Again --- you’ve seen

Again --- you’ve seen still another metaphor.

Thanks, dear friend.

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I love the comments but mostly I appreciate the intricacies of your deceptively simple, complex verse.

At least, that's my interpretation.


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Popping in...

Jules, I've been away from RR, tardy in my replies. And I appreciate your appreciation... interesting how a few words can surprise us.  In prose I ramble, in poetry I tend to brevity.

A belated thanks. ~ M

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I agree with Jules

There's something deceptively simple about the piece. It keeps on unfolding with more thought. The sign of a good poem, in my opinion!

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No writer could ask for more,

than to have the reader give more thought! Thanks so much, Beth.