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While I have your ear, I want to pass along to you that we're doing a fundraiser campaign to raise money to create a FORGOTTEN HOLLYWOOD Documentary Pilot. We're currently setting up the Development Phase. I'd like you to go to my INDIEGOGO website and consider making a contribution (OF ANY AMOUNT...large or small), since you have the pulse of what I intend to accomplish. In just three weeks (of the four month campaign, we have already raised $775 through INDIEGOGO and personal checks, etc...to reach our goal of $5000.


***If you could also promote my efforts on your Social Network, that would be great too!   

Our first project looks at how Cinema influenced our fight to change the nation's views regarding people with Disabilities, including Polio, Arthritis, and Hearing & Sight issues. Modern fundraising for the March of Dimes, Rotary International, and others will be able to promote our Documentary with potential success. My team believes this Documentary, who uses Lionel Barrymore, FDR, and Helen Keller as its subjects, can be extraordinarily beneficial. We've worked tirelessly at the American Film Market and two Festival du Cannes to Internationally distribute the finished product. Again, here's the UPDATED link to our INDIEGOGO campaign page:


For further insight, please visit www.forgottenhollywood.com and read the related stories about our efforts. We are personally thanking individual contributors, and promoting their latest ventures in the process in blog stories. YOU might be the next one I promote!

Thank you in advance for your thoughtful consideration...