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Ben Gazzara was an intense and dedicated actor in film and television. He began his career after he studied at the Dramatic Workshop of the New School and the Actors Studio. His education led to parts on Broadway, including  the starring role in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, directed by Elia Kazan; and A Hatful of Rain, which earned Ben his first Tony nomination.

Gazzara was best known for tough-guy roles in Anatomy of a Murder, Convicts 4, The Young Doctors, A Rage to Live, The Bridge at Ramagen, Capone, Voyage of the Damned, Road House, The Big Lebowski, and a remake of The Thomas Crown Affair. He was very busy on the small screen, appearing in episodes of Dragnet, Playhouse 90, and Kraft Suspense Theatre. His character (Paul Bryan) on the latter episodic program led to the creation of the popular 1960's series, Run For Your Life. Gazzara also co-starred in made-for-television movies; most notably in A Question of Honor, The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald, An Early Frost; and in the mini-series QB VII

After numerous stage and television award-nominations, he finally received an Emmy in 2003 for his performance in Hysterical Blindness. He continued to work virtually until his death on Friday.

Ben Gazzara was 82.


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