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The fourth library in Illinois has just added Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History. The city along the Missouri / Southern Illinois border now carrying my paperback is Wood River, most famous for being near the starting point of the Lewis and Clark Expedition in 1803-04.

Merriweather Lewis declared the mouth of the Dubois River to be the expedition’s official point of departure, known today as Wood River Creek. Many local businesses, schools, streets, and bridges still bear the names Lewis and Clark. The trek was the first organized journey undertaken by the U.S. to the Pacific Ocean (and back). The expedition was directed by the Federal Government to determine how much land was acquired during the 1803 Louisiana Purchase. President Jefferson determined - military and scientific exploration was necessary.


The lasting result of the excursion would be Western expansion by settlers. It’s historical importance is well-documented. In fact, the first official meeting with the Sioux Nation happened during this trip in what is now North Dakota. The expedition would cross the Continental Divide, through Portland, Oregon, and atop Mount Hood. From this vantage point, the team witnessed the Pacific Ocean for the first time.

The city of Wood River drips in historical significance. I’m proud to include this locale as the 24th place to carry my work (in their local library).