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Actress Betty Garrett died on Saturday. Best known for her MGM work in the 1940’s, she co-starred in On the Town, Take Me Out To the Ballgame, and Neptune’s Daughter. During the next decade, she appeared in motion pictures with Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly, Red Skelton, Elizabeth Taylor, Ann Miller, Ricardo Montalban, Janet Leigh, and Esther Williams. In fact, she was thrilled to sing the Oscar-winning Baby It’s Cold Outside with Skelton in the latter film. She always considered this a highlight in her career.


She was also married to Larry Parks, best known for starring in The Jolson Story. Work became scarce after Parks admitted to his brief membership in The Communist Party during the early 1940’s when he was called to testify to the House Un-American Activities Committee. He was Blacklisted by all major movie studios after his admission.

Dinah Shore revived her career on television, when Garrett was personally invited to be a guest on the singer’s program. She subsequently made appearances in The Fugitive, All in the Family, Murder She Wrote, and The Golden Girls. She was awared a Golden Globe, and received an Emmy-nomination for her television roles on Laverne and Shirley and Becker.

In later years, Garrett was presented a STAR on the Hollywood Walk of Fame; and last year, the character actress joined Esther Williams at the Turner Classic Movies Film Festival during a special screening of Neptune’s Daughter.

Betty Garrett was 91-years of age…

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Funny ...

... I had just watched The Al Jolson Story this week, and had Googled and Wikied Betty Garrett. She was always watchable.

Good long life.