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The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has expressed their displeasure over the expected auction of 18 Oscars awarded through 1947. Nate D. Sanders Fine Autographs and Memorabilia will be consigning the golden statuettes on Tuesday. A winner’s agreement was instituted by the Academy banning the sale of Oscars in 1950, which means  A.M.P.A.S. cannot legally stop the proposed public purchases.

Awards from the movies include Cavalcade, Skippy, Citizen Kane, Wuthering Heights, Going My Way, How Green was My ValleyThe Best Years of Our Lives, The Yearling, The More the Merrier, and A Double Life. The involved categories include Picture, Actor (Ronald Colman)Director, Black & White / Color CinematographySupporting Actor (Charles Coburn), Original Screenplay, Color Art Direction, Film Editing, and Music.

With all due respect to the Academy, bidding begins at 5:15p (pst).


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