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Inter-Disciplinary.net is sponsoring an international conference in February, 2013. Called Hollywood and the World, this research confab seeks to explore issues of cinema and its global influence across historical periods, and within cultural, political and social contexts; both in the US and abroad. The project will critically engage a number of core themes:


  • Hollywood history
  • American ideologies in Hollywood cinema
  • Gender issues
  • Representations of minorities and ethnicities
  • Hollywood’s visions of the world vs. the world’s visions of Hollywood
  • Hollywood and nostalgia (i.e. recollections and representation)


Related themes will also be identified for development and exploration. Out of deliberations, it’s anticipated a series of related cross-context research projects will develop, including:

 ● Silent cinema
The major and minor studios
●  The Golden Era of Hollywood from 1930 to 1960
Hollywood / International remakes and adaptations
●  Star studies
Wartime cinema and propaganda
Genre studies
The rise of independent cinema
Production histories
Advertising, media representations and product licensure
The 1940s ‘Red Scare’, HUAC, and the blacklist – Hollywood and politics

 The February conference is part of the Inter-Disciplinary.net Diversity and Recognition programme of research projects. It will be held at the Mercure Hotel in Sydney, Australia.

Based on my literary approach regarding all things Hollywood and American History, (in my humble opinion) this is the place to be for the serious scholar of what we admirably call the Humanities.


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Might use Hollywood theme for next issue of The Hummingbird Review. This conference looks perfect for material. Call me.