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Several stories have come across the Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History desk that are worth telling with regards to the first few decades of the 20th Century.

~ The last American Doughboy, who died recently, will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery on Tuesday. The passing of a generation is what the White House is calling the somber ceremony. President Obama has ordered that U.S. flags on official buildings be lowered to half-staff on day the final American WWI vet is buried.

Frank Buckles, borin in 1901, enlisted at 16 after lying about his age. The veteran devoted his final year to campaigning for more recognition for his comrades during the Great War, by suggesting a national memorial be built in Washinton D.C. in their honor. Buckles died last month on his farm in Charleston, a month after his 110th birthday.


~ The only color photographs of a devestated San Francisico have been discovered at the Smithsonian Institute. The six newly-found images were taken by photographer Frederick Eugene Ives several months after the Great Quake of 1906. They were snapped during a visit by Ives in October '06.

The still-shots are photos of San Francisco's destroyed downtown, and a visual rooftop account overlooking miles of ruins. They display buildings devestated by the 8.3 temblor, and gutted by the subsequent fire. Some of these structures remarkably still exist.

Ives is best-known for creating the halftone reproduction process still used for printing pictures in newspapers. It's expected that these snapshots will be part of a permanent display at the museum.