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I’m pleased that Son of Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History has just received a 5-Star review from the site – Readers' Favorite. One of their superb reviewers, Rich Follett, read my latest work and writes:



 As its title suggests, Manny Pacheco’s “Son of Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History” is a treasure trove second volume of little-known facts about the tireless and ubiquitous cast of character actors who helped establish the Hollywood film industry. Readers may not know these actors’ names but their faces are indelible – uniquely talented unsung heroes who gave color and life to many of our best-loved films. Profiled in these pages are familiar contributors such as Frank Morgan from “The Wizard of Oz;” Lon Chaney Jr., who brought us The Wolf Man; Margaret Dumont, who became an icon by enduring countless ‘pie-in-the-face’ indignities at the hands of the Marx Brothers; and the immortal Charles Coburn. Alongside these luminaries appear many lesser-known stars such as Freddie Bartholomew, Alan Hale Sr., and Marjorie Main. Reading their stories brings back to life the heyday of Hollywood’s Golden Age.

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Pacheco’s style is straightforward, unflinching, and devoid of romance. This makes “Son of Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History” even more fascinating. In a world obsessed with fame and the bright lights of ‘show business,’ seeing these often troubled creative personalities without the smoke and mirrors of Hollywood glamour opens a new world for lovers of the cinema. It is easy to see why Pacheco’s second volume “Son of Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History” was the recipient of the coveted USA Book News ‘Best Books’ award. This ‘Who’s Who’ of Hollywood’s character actors is a must-read for all serious fans of American cinema.


Readers’ Favorite donates many of the books they review to the following charities, along with annual financial donations. They make sure your book and some of the money spent on the site is used to bring comfort and aid to those in need, including St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital and Meals on Wheels.


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