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As promised, here is how I’ll fill out my ballot for this year’s Screen Actors Guild Awards. I consider 2010 an enjoyable year with a high quality of movies. And I believe several folks and films in each category should be considered for their specific awards. Let me explain:

OUTSTANDING MALE:  Colin Firth  (The King’s Speech)

Four of the five actors did a really great job. Robert Duvall (Get Low) is good enough to win. The film is a secret gem. James Franco (127 Hours) is remarkable in essentially a one-man movie. Jessie Eisenberg (The Social Network) is the standout in an ensemble cast. Mark Wahlberg (The Fighter) should have been the 5th nominee, instead of Jeff Bridges (True Grit).

However, this is the year Colin Firth has broken through as stuttering King George. What a tough role, but Firth makes it look easy.

OUTSTANDING FEMALE:  Natalie Portman  (The Black Swan)

My only runaway vote. Nicole Kidman is heart-wrenching in Rabbit Hole. This is a must-see motion picture.

But, Portman delivers the best performance of the year (in any category). This is an amazing effort. And, she also did much of her own ballet dancing.

OUTSTANDING SUPPORTING MALE:  Christian Bale  (The Fighter)

This is a movie that improves as it unfolds. Christian Bale captured the role convincingly.

I’ll hedge my bet by saying that Geoffrey Rush surely helps make The King’s Speech special. Bill Murray (Get Low) should have received a nomination, instead of John Hawkes (Winter Bone)


It would be easy to choose Melissa Leo (The Fighter), or Helena Bonham Carter (The King’s Speech). That said, each film would still be teriffic if differently cast.

Steinfeld is the reason why True Grit succeeds as a remake. For that reason, she gets my vote.


I enjoyed every movie I saw this year, with the possible exception of Winter BoneGet Low is not nominated in this category; a well-written tale. This is my personal favorite picture of the year.

It comes down to The King’s Speech and The Social Network. Both are extraordinarily worthy to win this award. I give the former film the nod because Colin, Geoffrey, and Helena interpret this fine story so well.

My Top 10 films of the year in order (Oscar nomination-worthy):  1. Get Low   2. The King’s Speech   3.  The Social Network   4. True Grit   5. Rabbit Hole   6. The Fighter   7. Black Swan   8. The Kids Are Alright   9. Toy Story III   10.  Tangled

The SAG Awards will be broadcast on January 30th on TNT. We’ll see how I do this year…