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Dec 2008

Malay Roychoudhury (b. 1939) is a Bengali writer, who also writes in English and Hindi. He is famous for launching the Hungryalist Movement in Bengali literature during 1960s, and is the only Indian writer who has refused the Sahitya Academy Award. He is considered to be an anti-establishment writer. He has written more than sixty books including novels, poetry collections, drama, short story collections, essay collectioms and translations of Blake, Ginsberg, Tzara, Cocteau, Neruda, Lorca, Mayakovsky, Rimbaud, Dharmavir Bharati, Rajkamal Choudhury and many other non-Bengali authors. He has edited the literary periodical ZEBRA and anthology of POSTMODERN BENGALI POETRY as well as POSTMODERN BENGALI SHORT STORIES which include writers from both India and Bangladesh. He has been visited by such poets as Octavio Paz, Allen Ginsberg and Ernesto Cardenal.

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