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O- God- My Lord


God is very near
Do not ignore dear
He will clear tear
And give cheer

God's love is deep
Prayer is cheap
Peace you can reap
Never at all weep

When comes confusion
Prayer offers solution
Saving is God's profession
Just make a true confession

God alone ever rescues
And gives us all our dues
Happiness He will produce
Joy to you, He will not refuse

God is always with us
Never make a fuss
He has no address
But, He will redress

When you are sorry
Praying is necessary
Then life you can carry
As God destroys worry

Never hesitate to pray
As prayer shows a way
A prayer when you say
To the Lord you convey

God-faith is a protection
So gain God's affection
Escaping mental infection
God heals also body-section

If your faith is damn strong
Blissfully you can prolong
Just sing a sacred song
God will kindly come along

Bend before God your knees
You need not pay any fees
Into you will flow holy peace
Will you do it now please?