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Love All is God's Call

In case God is not available
Only utter chaos will prevail
To obey Justice, all will fail
Nothing useful is possible

God-faith if is not at all had
Only will violate morality
Bringing doom to the society
Life will turn very, very bad

When one says no God at all
Then truth will have a bad fall
Nasty ideas, one will install
Giving to devils an urgent call

The whole World will then collapse
Due to believing-not-in-God chaps
Surely will take place ugly mishaps
The World will be in deadly traps

God-faith alone sustains the World
As God only makes us all bold
He only creates crops in the field
Due to him only Nature does yield

By no atheist, God can be agitated
Former is not by the latter hated
By every noble act, God is elated
Nobility is by God compensated.