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Cool Love In My School

I joined a very ordinary school
Poor people it used to pool
It, to some extent, supplied tool
I am wise now and not a fool

We had co-education there
Time for me girls could spare
I also showed them care
Our relation was just and fair

When I was in fourth standard
Neil Armstrong in Moon landed
1969 must be specially branded
As impossibility got stranded

I used to bend my body down
And look at the girls’ gown
Laughing like a petty clown
All the girls used to frown

To the lady teacher they complained
My act’s badness, teacher explained
I felt neither guilty nor was I pained
But a bit of wisdom I really attained

That act I never at all repeated
It was totally from my mind deleted
My fourth standard was completed
With all in fifth standard I competed

I developed for history a great passion
Reading helped in ideas’ possession
I loved a girl whose eyes gave permission
That was my very first love-mission

In sixth standard she did not continue
My hope another girl could renew
She fully understood my kind view
My desire for science really grew

In science first I proudly stood
My teacher said “very good”
Encomiums did superbly flood
She also left the school for good

In seventh standard a girl I noted
For me favorably she voted
We were to each other devoted
Our love was suitably promoted

In the exam hall was a partition
I sat for the year’s examination
We enjoyed touching sensation
Partition stopped not exhilaration

Her body will hit me from the other side
My body will hit her and bliss I will provide
Our joy was wonderful and really wide
Our innocent pleasure we did not hide

More and more paper I funnily acquired
Even though to me not at all required
One of my friends secretly conspired
To complain against me he was inspired

The head master gave me a severe slap
I was wondering about that Judas-chap
When was taking place this sad mishap
My girl defended me making my heart clap

In eighth standard she also left
My bliss suffered a nasty theft
I liked none to give my love-gift
Then to a boys’ school I did shift

Everywhere seen only boys
And is heard only a lousy noise
To love a girl then I had no choice
In life then I lost chance to rejoice.

Co-education is the best
As it creates a fine trust
Promoting mutual interest
All souls will be surely robust

If a girl gives a look
Heaven we can book
This if we overlook
We come under “crook”

A girl can bring a change
If love we kindly exchange
For bliss, God can arrange
Does this appear strange?

See, I still remember every girl
Is not each a precious pearl?
In bed, in solitude, when I curl
Peculiar emotions, Angels hurl.