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Annex Peace Using Sex

If there is no lovely sex
Mind, it will terribly vex
Heart, it will acutely perplex
But, resort not to some “x”

Treat sex as Divine
That makes two fine
Pleasure is a gain
Which two obtain

Sex is a precious present
If it is from the World absent
Life will be fully unpleasant
To live, all will surely resent

If sex is nicely had
Mood will be glad
To bliss it will add
Protects this sex-pad

Sex is a great boon
Like the cool full Moon
Sex is a pleasure-tycoon
But the reward ends soon

For pleasure to be deep
Great tactics both must keep
Using affection both must sweep
Then real mirth both can reap

True love if is very kindly shown
Pleasure will penetrate the bone
If requirements are made known
Whole paradise, both can own

Sex needs innovative tactics
It is not like doing gymnastics
Both must to each other fix
Divine solace via lovely tricks

Both must never feel shy
But with enthusiasm try
To enjoy both must vie
Feelings must not be dry

Sex is a highly holy action
It must give full satisfaction
Pleasure’s duration is a fraction
But eternal is its sacred protection