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opposite of fate

I finished reading amy tan's -opposite of fate,yesterday,and enjoyed it ,if not more,as much as her other books.My sister has always said that i loved her books so much,because i was chinese in some past life,but i found it difficult to explain what exactly it was that appealed to me,because generally,as far as books were concerned,we had similar tastes 99% of the times.And then I came across this book at a stall in a fair,held in one of the schools,in malawi,Africa.it was a used copy,but i picked it up,surprised that i had not heard of this book of hers.And as i read,all the answers started tumbling out onto my lap.If Amy Tan,is reading this,this is just to let you know,that i have found a bit of myself in every story that write,and that way it becomes a part of me.Thank you for your books,thank you for The Opposite of Fate.