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  This collection of ecologically oriented poems traverses a wide terrain, moving from the loss of species to the beauty of the natural world, from drought to the exploration of alternative planets. It's an exhilarating collection that breaks boundaries and leads the reader deep into the personal heart of perception. Released by award winning poets Carolyn Howard-Johnson and...
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Freya and James Archer live the high life in a luxury home in Sydney’s poshest suburb, with money, matching Jags, two beautiful teenage kids … and they couldn’t be more despondent. James wakes weeping each morning, dreading the pressures of a long and grueling work day ahead, and Freya is struggling with her foundering real estate career. Global recession is biting in Australia...
Part of the award winning Celebration Series, Deeper into the Pond celebrates, supports, and inspires women. "Vivid images...will speak to you of times to look forward to or to remember. These are not poems to read once. They will stay with you forever."
Blooming Red
As part of our celebration series - a book of poetry focusing on the Christmas season.
Repulsion Thrust
As with her first poetry collection, Quark Soup, Magdalena Ball's Repulsion Thrust tackles big subjects not often the fodder of poetry: quantum physics, astronomy, time travel, ecological destruction, and technological singularity, all viewed through the lens of the human condition. "Wonderful. The work covers a lot...
The Art of Assessment is a complete guide to the review process, from how to write good reviews, how to use interviews to add depth to your reviews, obtaining review copies, marketing your reviews, and plenty of examples and references to help you become a working reviewer. Welcome to the world of consumerism. There are a lot of things to buy. Advertisers want your money....
Quark Soup contains twenty eight poems which muse on topics like what it means to be human, love, loss, fear, longing, and transcendence. Avoiding cliché and the mundane, the poetry in this collection is accessible to the common reader, with a powerful intellectual edge and playful wit. As all good poetry should, this work uses sound, sense, and strong imagery to deal with...
Cherished Pulse is a chapbook collaboration with celebrated poet Carolyn-Howard Johnson, with original images by Vicki Thomas.  Cherished Pulse contains twenty poems which look at love from a wise, mature, sensitive perspective.  Never sentimental (forget Hallmark), the poems explore love in its many guises -- cherish, longing, sensuality, and that sacred place between desire...
Marianne is the apple of Grandpa's eye - but her life's rotten to the core. When her parents suddenly disconnect her grandfather-mentor's respirator, it's as though her own life support has been unplugged. And the gifted teenager from a manicured, middle-class suburb hits the city back-streets, and the skids. Magdalena Ball's heart-wrenching novel - released on 24th July 2007...
She Wore Emerald Then
Moods of Motherhood: thirty poems by award-winning poets Magdalena Ball and Carolyn Howard-Johnson, with original photography by May Lattanzio. A beautifully presented, tender and strikingly original gift book, ideal forMother's Day or any day when you want to celebrate the notion of motherhood in its broadest sense.  Share this collection with someone you love.