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Endorse Each Other

Endorse each other: Endorse yourself, endorse your brother go ahead my friend, endorse one another Every person is wonderfully madeEach one of us is God’s amazingAnd unique creation.We fought off countless others To be germinated from the wombIt was for a time such as this, That each was created. Yet each of us is as fragile as a flower A bag of strange contradictionsWebs of mighty confusion, we oft weaveA person can accomplish mighty featsYet bow down to an invisible virus. We need to endorse each other, because each is a fighter, each a giver, each a receiver.It is the fuel to fight on in lifeLifts the spirit Strengthen resolvesMakes each other feels wanted by anotherOne race, the human race You did well!I knew you could make itYou are a person of value, worth and untold strengthYou make us proudI know you try A sincere complimentA hi and helloA…may I help you?Be a little considerate Let us endorse each otherCelebrate the beauty, Share the lovePay homage to the courageBe bold and strongEvery person is wonderfully made!