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Back to Normal?
Looking at Central Park from 34 stories up

Now that I'm back from our long five-week trip and I have all the time in the world to write, I find myself at my desk today just futzing around and not really getting much of anything done. Hopefully this is just an anomaly and I'll be able to get into some kind of rhythm as the days go forward. During the trip when I was very pressed for writing time I seemed to just knock the words out. Now, when I have hours and hours at my disposal, I'm not nearly so productive.

However, that doesn't mean I've done nothing. I have gotten a bit of a head start on my memoir edit. I've made an outline of how I think I need to reorganize and populate the second half of the book. My writer friend also has some ideas, so I plan to get together with her in the next few days and compare notes. It's amazing what she sees in my writing and what strikes her, that I hadn't realized would have such an impact. But that's all to the good. I've been keeping this book iunder wraps all these years that it's good to have another pair of eyes - and well trained eyes at that - take a look at it and critique it. I am most indebted for the time she has taken with my work. I also hope that both of us are on the right track in responding to an interested publisher's concerns. Needless to say I am still far away from a publishing contract, so I want to do what's most beneficial to getting to that goal.  

And, now, back to the grind.