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Proud to be a LiFE Award Winner (Twice!)
LiFE award

 Writer and editor Bob Rich created the LiFE  (Literature For Environment) award for those of us "worried about the future," "saddened by the loss of species" and by the "replacement of nature's beauty and bounty by humanity's artificial, noisy, ugly creations of concrete, steel and plastic."  Books eligible for this award may be fiction or non-fiction, any genre, intended for any age group, and published in any format. What matters to Bob is that the readers become inspired to change the way they think and act.   To qualify for this Award, a book must set forth the value the wonderful world of nature,  recognize that humans are just one species out of millions, and acknowledge our  responsibility to cherish and maintain this small and complex planet.

I consider myself extremely lucky to be selected by Bob http://bobswriting.com/life.html to receive the LiFE award not just once, but twice.  I also feel proud to be among the other authors given this same honor.  The list of all books given this award, found at http://mooramoora.org.au/bobrich/writer/lifelist.html#28, contains an interesting mix of many types of writing and voices. 

It is rewarding to write about environmental issues that will hopefully touch people's lives, but it is doubly rewarding to be recognized for doing so.