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Fun Book Discussion Experience

Recently a local area sanitation district manager called me about my latest book, Strictly Liable.  He said that he had read it, told all his upper management to buy and read it, and asked if I would come talk to his staff about it over lunch.  How could I say no? 

It was really fun to talk to people who live the life set forth in this book, but hard to see how disturbed they were to hear that this fiction book could actually come true -- that people could really go to jail for just doing their jobs.  Many joked about early retirement or transfer to a different department.  To give them some solace, I urged them to support new legislation being introduced into Congress this year (as suggested at the end of the book and that may actually come to fruition) that would add defenses to the law that was so unforgiving to my main character. 

I had never done a book club or other discussion session before.  Now I see why people enjoy doing that, to see your books actually come to life through the experience of others.