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May.16.2011 - 7:35 am
It was my husband who gave me the idea of this post when he remarked, "certainly you've heard of Xanadu!" Admittedly, I had not. He told me how it's often used in...
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Mar.10.2011 - 12:21 pm
Early yesterday morning, I sat down at the computer, checked Facebook, and found this prompt from a close friend and great prose poet, Lisa Cihlar. The prompt? - small regrets OR...
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Feb.21.2011 - 3:30 pm
Such a splendid idea initiated by Meg Waite Clayton (her newest book, The Four Ms. Bradwells, to be released this March) for the She Writes' bloggers to have a "blog hop" or "...
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Feb.14.2011 - 1:37 pm
  Ego:   Not writing lately? Id:      Can't get into it since I fell. Ego:   Still recovering? Id:      Honestly, it's quite hard to tell. Ego:   Is it writer's block? Id...
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Comments from M Kathy

Jan.13.2011 - 7:19 am
In response to: Straight No Chaser: Why Huckleberry Finn Should Stay As Twain Wrote It
"The ultimate measure of a man [or woman] is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of...
Jan.11.2011 - 2:16 pm
In response to: There Are No Words
Thanks, Lorraine. I have felt that same anger, jealousy and disgust - and you express it so well, as usual. Publishers...
Dec.10.2010 - 11:28 pm
In response to: It's a Beginning
I can see what you mean, so I made an adjustment to help clarify it for the reader... not exactly what you suggested,...
Dec.07.2010 - 9:18 am
In response to: A Date which will Live in Infamy, and the Value of a Word
I truly appreciate it when someone takes the time to do just a little research to make a memorably significant point,...
Dec.03.2010 - 3:37 pm
In response to: Hi! nonfiction publishing question
Ran across another good point to know about queries from veteran author, Harvey Rachin: Follow up submissions in a...