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The Writers' Group blog features four women sharing how they are creating their unique literary lives.

Lynne Griffin, Amy MacKinnon, Lisa Marnell and Hannah Roveto talk about writing, editing, agents, editors, conferences, marketing, grammar--in short, anything and everything having to do with the truth about the writer's life.

Yes, the truth. You see, we take your questions, answer them ourselves and/or consult someone in the business who can, sometimes throw it out to the readers to help; grant you anonymity, naturally; and be very honest. Like 1-2-3, off-with-the-Band-Aid honest.

We publish your question, each of us gives our own answer (heck, you'll have to decide what to take and what to chew over), and you have to be prepared for the truth. Imagine you're sitting down with the four of us at one of our meetings getting a dose, just like we give each other. It can be tough. Expect tears, gnashing of teeth, maybe even a few epiphanies.

If you think you can take it, send us your questions at writersgroupquestions@gmail.com. If you think you know better, leave a comment. We're eager to get an honest dialogue going about the truth about the writer's life. We invite you to join in the conversation. Whatever happens, we hope you'll leave a little inspired and better prepared for a literary life.