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Louisville, Kentucky
May 2009

Lynn Tincher is an Author, Blogger, and Publisher from Louisville, Kentucky. She studied Theatre Arts and English at Eastern Kentucky University. Lynn has published several articles in local newspapers and travel brochures. She self published her first novel, Afterthoughts, which was soon picked up by BlackWyrm Fiction. Afterthoughts was selected to be one of the featured books at the Kentucky Book Fair and the Southern Kentucky Book Fest. She is writing the sequel, Left in the Dark, also for BlackWyrm, and writing the Thaumaturgy Trilogy. Lynn publishes a weekly eZine called The Literary Lynnch Pen where she publishes writing tips and has a featured author section, Pets of the Week from the Kentucky Humane Society and the Woodstock Animal Foundation and other useful information from the world of writing. She also and manages Artist Corner, an artist social networking site and has partnered with Constant Contact to publish emailed newsletters for other organizations. Lynn is also an eZineArticles Expert Author having several articles published on their site. She also has plans to talk to 4th and 5th graders and help develop their writing skills.


JK Rowling, Piers Anthony, Nora Roberts just to name a few.

Upcoming Works

Left in the Dark, Book Two in the Mind Bending Series
Thaumaturgy Trilogy


Lynn Tincher

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Writing, Reading, Animals