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Lynn M. Stegner's Books

Kate Riley is not the sort of heroine we meet in most American novels. Self-centered, shape-shifting, driven from one man to another and one city to the next, she is all too real--but not at all the loyal and steady homebody of idealized womanhood. When we first encounter her, Kate is about to undergo exploratory brain surgery for a condition she herself has fabricated. Sobered...
In the space of less than a year, three people in a small New England village make life-defining decisions. When a stranger moves into Harrow—a stranger without a past and without a conscience—old conflicts flare, threatening familiar foundations, and exposing possibilities of new ones. In the tradition of Winesburg, Ohio, Lynn Stegner takes the linked story form to new heights as...
A seductive psychological drama about existential opposites. Two young women, Dixie Darling and Susan Thatcher, meet at a prestigious boarding school on the San Francisco peninsula and begin an intense friendship that becomes dangerously symbiotic once they graduate and begin sharing an apartment. Susan is cautious and analytical; Dixie is outward, immediate, full of quirky charm...
A brilliant marine biologist’s last and best chance for happiness in a relationship is threatened by feelings about an abusive father. The relationship she shatters with a senseless infidelity resumes on solid ground when, while doing research on killer whales, she faces her own needs and begins to stand up for them.