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Read with highlighter...

This is a title that I could not resist when choosing books for the Housewarming Party prize. It is a book meant to be read many times. During the first pass, so many of these six-word memoirs will resonate, the reader will make a mental note to have a highlighter in hand the next time(s). After a few reads, so many entries will have been highlighted, the purpose of the highlighting will have been defeated.

Just before this book arrived, I had bookmarked a piece by Andrew Sullivan, "Why I Blog," which got me to thinking about how blog as a verb differs from blog as a noun. So, while many of these little stories caught my eye, the one that initially jumped off the page was Jennifer Shreve’s, “Blogging is easy. Writing is hard.”

Shortly thereafter, I received an email from Red Room founder, Ivory Madison, “Are You Writing a Novel in November? I am!,” in which she said, “…I realized that most people type about 1,000 words an hour and can write a first draft of a short novel of
50,000 words in about fifty hours.”

This led to my first six-word memoir: “Typing is easy; writing is hard.”

And, for the record, like Iris Page, “Semicolons: I use them to excess.”