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we'd be rolling our eyes in disdain....

if a soap headwriter dared try to pull this one off. but the 17 year-old daughter of republican vp candidate, sarah palin, is pregnant and planning to marry the father. while there is absolutely nothing funny about this situation, i must confess i had to supress a giggle when i realized that my initial reaction to the news of mccain's choice of palin, "shotgun wedding,"  wound up being so very prescient.

it does make you wonder about mccain's true motives in selecting palin in the first place. one camp argues that it was to shore up his standing with the religious right; others suggest that palin is the key to winning disaffected hillary supporters. either way, should be interesting to see how this apect winds up playing out. it's a shame that this young girl is at the center of what should be a private matter. but  when your mother wants to do away with legalized abortion and doesn't believe in contraception or sex-education  -- and she's running for vice-president -- well, there's not much privacy in a glass house.

and what does it say about "family values" for palin to accept the nomination knowing her daughter's pregnancy would be revealed sooner or later? talk about working both sides of the street; at least john edwards owned up to his hubris -- eventually. perhaps palin will as well. stay tuned...

i'd love to have been a fly on the wall as the mccain people parsed the possible fallout when this information leaked out -- if indeed they did consider the impact at all. i'm in the midst of writing about why the democratic presidential campaign and convention was soap opera at its best. but  this, along with the john edwards reveal, brings a genuine soapy quality to the proceedings.

you just can't make this kind of stuff up -- not even on a soap!