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Media scholar, Henry Jenkins, is featuring a discussion of The Survival of Soap Opera on his blog Confessions of an Aca-Fan (aca as in academic).

I have asked the three editors of the book to help organize a forum to be conducted in four installments through this blog, bringing together some key contributors to the book, to share their reactions to its four core themes. This material is at once a sample of what the book offers but also an extension of the book which is able to include some developments which have unfolded since the book went to press.

The first two installments are up. I have two pieces in the second, “The History and Legacy of Serialized Television,”  addressing the questions “In what ways are contemporary U.S. soap operas failing to use their history in compelling ways?” and “What is the relationship between these soap opera and other forms of serialized television drama in the U.S., such as reality television or primetime scripted dramas?”

Several contributors to the first installment, “The State of the American Soap Opera” – in particular, Patrick Mulcahey and Melissa Scardaville – touch upon a number of issues I raised in my last post.

Hope you'll take a look.