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I had forgotten that today was Douglas Marland's birthday. But as I watched today's episode of As the World Turns, it occurred to me that perhaps the writers had not. There were actually parts (not all, but yes, plural) of today's episode that echoed the best of Marland - in fact, it may have been most of the episode. And it's been a good long time since that happened.

I've never had much use for this whole "Brad-Katie-Henry-Vienna-who's-the-daddy," But getting to see Trent Dawson play all the emotional levels as he comes to grips with the reality that the child Vienna is carrying as a surrogate is really his helps justify the  underlying silliness.

Watching as Bob advised Henry about the realities of parenthood helped me to momentarily forget my frustration with TPTB who inexplicability cannot seem to keep Bob's son Chris on the canvas. And then Bob and Kim had a substantive conversation, including a mention of Chris, which set off a tiny flurry of hopeful speculation on at least one board that perhaps Dylan Bruce might be returning - which is why references to off-screen characters are so few and far between.

Oh, I almost forgot: Lily, Holden, Damien and the boys in NYC - real conversation, no histrionics. And a mysterious phone call between Damien and... Word is Noah's father, the Colonel, is on his way back.

All and all: a lovely birthday gift for Doug Marland. Of course, today, 5 May, also marks the 14th anniversary of the firing of Laurence Caso (discussed here), who was producing ATWT when Doug died in 1993.  Hence, the first jarring juxtaposition.

And the second: today was also the first time in a long time that I ffed through almost an entire episode of One Life to Live. Usually, Ron Carlvati, et al, do a pretty good job of keeping OLTL in balance; today though, too much of the Morasco sisters.  Maybe we can chalk it up to Mercury going retrograde tomorrow.

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