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slipping silently into that good night…

What a difference a year makes. When 60 Minutes reran their 2009 feature on Guiding Light back in July, it was all too clear that there would be no segment noting the end of As the World Turns. No need to warn friends to adjust their DVRs in case the men’s final runs over. No offer from a Y&R producer to pull the West Coast feed for those who forgot. No same day commentary from me, and fellow soap blogger, Sara Bibel.

But apparently it was too much to expect that CBS Sunday Morning even acknowledge the end of ATWT – although they did find time to pay tribute to Bonanza – a show that aired on NBC. Hard to believe that they couldn’t have spared ninety seconds to say “This week we say goodbye to As the World Turns, which ran for fifty-fours years on CBS. For fifteen years, ‘World Turns topped the daytime ratings. Sad to say, Helen Wagner, who as matriarch, Nancy Hughes, uttered the show’s first line, ‘Good morning dear,’ and would have uttered the last, had she not passed away in May.”

The people at CBS should be ashamed of themselves.