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It's been hard to keep up-to-date the past few days: Dirty Sexy Money's canceled, but wait, a couple of actors say not quite yet. NBC announces the come fall 2009, Jay Leno moves from 11:30 PM, Monday-Friday to 10 PM, M-F. And then, there's the never-ending discussion around the future of daytime soaps, here and here are two of the most recent.

I've written before about the relationship between daytime and primetime soaps here (links within), and am contributing an essay on the topic to the book Sam Ford is co-editing. But I'm just now coming to realize that given the economic realities the four broadcast networks face, the future of daytime soaps on broadcast TV is inextricably linked to the future of primetime dramas in general, and primetime soaps in particular. I realize that's a statement that requires some clarification and amplification. So, I'm going to take the next few weeks off from the blog to sort out my thoughts - and prepare for and enjoy the holidays.

Hope you all enjoy your holidays! See you in 2009.

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Have a good time off!

You deserve it.
The Jay Leno news is very interesting. I'm kind of glad it's Jay and not some lame reality series taking the 10:00 hour (When Aninmals Attack Women Over Forty While Celebrities Are On Ice!)  Yet again it shows that television isn't showing much creativity these days.