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now this is illuminating...

the excerpt below is from an article in The Hollywood Reporter, and speaks volumes about the questions I raised in my piece considering why Prospect Park filed suit against ABC last week.

ABC sources say the network was willing to accept ads within GH because of the licensing relationship, but on April 17 when Prospect submitted an ad for OLTL that included Howarth prominently. ABC refused it -- on the grounds that it would confuse the audience. 

Prospect, after spending considerable time preparing the ad, balked at making changes shortly before it was to run. They did not want to take Howarth out of the ad and, already upset about its dealings with ABC, filed suit the next day. 

Notes analyst Brad Adgate of Horizon Media: "The overriding reason to refuse is if they think it's a threat or something that's going to siphon off viewers from them, then they dont think whatever they charge them would be worth it " 

 I can see ABC's point here -- sort of. Yes, Roger Howrath will be playing different roles on both soaps contemporaneously. But, really, how many viewers would have been so confused that it would have hurt GH?