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some good news that somehow escaped my attention with all the discussion around GL's cancellation.  Last week ABC announced that the remaining episodes of Pushing Daisies, Eli Stone and Dirty Sexy Money will be aired on Saturday nights beginning May 30th

Daisies' final three episodes will air May 30 to June 13; Eli Stone's final four episodes will air June 20 to July 11; Dirty Sexy Money's final four episodes will air July 18 to Aug 8. This what's known in the trade as a "burn off."

While I thought Daisies was cute enough, for me it was never a must watch. But Eli Stone and DSM were. Both embodied what I've always considered soap opera fundamentals beyond the obvious serial format: multi-generational storytelling about relationships between fully-developed characters.

I've written several times about the mess ABC made of DSM's over-the-top, yet indearing Darling family:



And while I'm certainly pleased that the remaining episodes of Eli Stone will see the light of day, I'm not holding out much hope that there'll be an emotionally satisfying conclusion to the backstory revealed right before ABC decided to pull the plug on the show. 

From IMDb: "Taylor learns some uncomfortable truths when she insists on being part of Jordan's divorce team..."

Taylor is Eli's former fiancé; Jordan is her father and Eli's boss. The uncomfortable truths Taylor learns: her father lied when he said her mother abandoned her. In fact, Jordan had used his financial and legal clout to drive Taylor's mother away. A surprise development worthy of any daytime soap and one I was looking forward to seeing fully played out.

I suppose I should be grateful to see something rather than nothing.