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laughed out loud...

the daytime emmys are this sunday. and according to the pre-show publicity , the soap opera component of daytime seems to have gotten lost in the shuffle.

the show is in las vegas (interesting choice) and according to executive producer, david mckenzie, viewers should expect " very vegas-themed show," including appearances by blue man group, cirque du soleil, david copperfield, marie osmond, “jersey boys” and “lion king” cast members and the “jubilee!” showgirls (weren't the tonys just last week?). and that's in addition to a tribute to "american bandstand,"  (last on the air in 1989) with cher, barry manilow, garth brooks, chubby checker, frankie avalon, tony orlando and the spinners.

okay, so nobody should be holding their breath for much of a tribute to as the world turns, helen wagner or frances reid.  but what made me laugh out loud was when i set my dvr to record the show (really, why torture myself by watching live), i was asked if i wanted to extend the recording 30-minutes because award shows often run over.

are they kidding?!

come hell, high water, or brad bell's acceptance for bold and beautiful's  first win for best show, the daytime emmys end at the stroke of 11pm, eastern daylight time. soap fans have a better chance of being struck by a meteor than the daytime emmys being permitted to run over.