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i guess it would have been to much to ask...

to get through the final week of guiding light without "breaking news" mucking things up.  today, a commuter train hit a bumper as it was coming into south station. about a dozen people had minor injuries. that was it. yet, the cbs affiliate felt it was so urgent for those sitting at home watching gl,  none of whom were actually at south station, to break in, not once, but twice. perhaps the news department thought that after watching gl, some viewers might be heading off to south station, and wanted them to be aware of the delay. THAT'S WHY GOD INVENTED THE CRAWL, which runs along the bottom of the screen, informing viewers without interrupting the show.

ETA -- wbz's programming director returned my irate call. she told me she called the newroom during the first break-in to tell them to get off the air, but wasn't able to stop the second interruption because by that time both the abc and nbc affiliates were live at the scene. i did appreciate her getting back to me.

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Lynn, do what I do...

just watch it on YouTube, it's so much easier.
It was a great episode; Lisa Brown was on and she looks great. In a interview she gave Brown said that they were told to not dress "fancy" but she ignored them because she knew what Nola wanted, and Nola would dress up.
Jennifer Gibbons, Red Room

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for me, watching on a laptop feels like work rather than fun

it could be just a generational thing, or maybe not...

i'm largely in agreement with boston globe critic, matthew gilbert, who's closer to your age than mine, had this to say,

"For me, watching TV in the den on a TV set is a fuller experience, and I try to save the best-written shows - "Rescue Me," "Breaking Bad," "Lost," "House" - for that room, even while they are available online. I am in an entirely different pose in front of a designated TV screen, literally and figuratively. I am more able to become engrossed, to let the story and its visual elements work on me. If a show is top-notch, it can reward full consideration. I know, I know: Watching TV is far from a sacred act. But the more engagement we offer good TV shows, the more we reinforce quality work by their writers and producers."