where the writers are
for me, blog has always been a noun...

not a verb...

a place to post what i've written rather than something i do on a regular basis.

which is one way of explaining why i've been silent these past several months. back in march, i mentioned that i was collecting some of my essays on as the world turns into an ebook. at the time, i assumed it would be done in time to release today, the second anniversary of atwt's final episode. but an epilogue demanded to be written. and, the introduction, "the iconoclastic world irna created," has proved vexing. posting would have drained not just time, but energy and focus, as well. so, i haven't, although i still can't believe it's over four months since my last post.

but, things are coming finally coming together; and if all goes as planned, i expect to release as the world stopped turning in early october -- here at red room.

when i started this post, i intended to include a couple of links to a 1957 atwt episode on youtube that beautifully captures the timeless appeal of soap opera in general and 'world  turns in particular. then i read back through my march post and realized i had already included the links for episode 268. but, i came across a 1960 interview with irna phillips (yes, research is just another word for procrastination:) which included the following:

as i dictate, i stop myself and say, "i'm sure i said this before" she obsesrves, "but then i'll add, 'it bears repetition.'"

and so it does: episode 268, part 1 and part 2