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and the world turns no more...

when i heard that cbs was cancelling as the world turns back in december, i called a colleague and said that if the show had been our family pet, we would have long-since taken it to the vet to be put out of its misery. if the past six months are any indication, the last months of atwt are going to recall irna phillips' retort when she called the studio after watching the show one day; the receptionist answered, "as the world turns," irna famously replied, "not today it didn't."

of course, it's been a good long time since the world truly turned. but what most confuses and saddens me is the striking juxtapostion between the end of 'world turns and last year's cancellation of guiding light. how could one show get it so right and another so wrong? why did gl's cancellation generate such a media firestorm with nary a whimper for atwt? why were gl fans excited, sad, even angry about Otalia, as the show came to a close, yet among atwt fans apathy abounds? 

as the world turns taped its final episode today, and since the cancellation was announced, the show seems to have been just running out the clock. for many, if not most viewers, the response hasn't been "i can't wait to see what's going to happen," but, "is it september yet?" it's that apathy that represents the greatest failure of executive producer, christopher goutman. why is a complicated question i'll be exploring between now and 17 september, when the final episode airs.