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waylaid by another project this week, so i won't get to a proper post until the weekend. but i just want to say "welcome back" to peter simon's ed bauer on guiding light. watching his scenes today with grant aleksander's phillip reminded me of everything this show used to be. and they were real scenes, with real conversation, and moments that resonated with subtext and history. even something as simple as ed pulling out his wallet to show phillip pictures of his granddaughter -- "isn't she pretty?" and phillip's agreeing, "un huh"  -- spoke volumes about what had transpired between these characters over the decades -- a master class in what it means to be in the moment.

more later.

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I taped the episode...

haven't done it in a while. Definitely want to see it, especially since Phillip hasn't seen his granddaughter yet.

Jennifer Gibbons, Red Room