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  What can The Story WomanTM do but offer you food for thought? Stay with me now, I'm going to tell you about something that is enjoyed like the finest wine and savored like the darkest chocolate and it can make Mother's Day anytime of the year - really. It is a gift that will indulge her...
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Jayne Wenger
Enter, stage right: Jayne Wenger, artistic director, dramaturg, and workshop leader par excellence.I’m excited that Jayne’s writing tips were offered for the first time by The Story Woman on the TellTale Souls blog and now on THE RED ROOM. After you read Jayne Wenger’s Seven Tips for Playwrights,...
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Orange Wire Problem.jpg
Last night I finished reading the book, The Orange Wire Problem and Other Tales from the Doctor's Office, just off the presses, written by Dr. David Watts. His first book of stories, published in 2005, was Bedside Manners; you may have read it. This new book is another delight, a treasure,...
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Since life is essentially very good, but times are hard for a lot of folks just now, I'm posting the following tips to help you write your bio-vignette.  I generally like to send out these tips from my ‘Home' page in exchange for your email address for my data base (very important!), but today...
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