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Seems like I've neglected my blog far too long, but it has been all I could do to keep up with a hectic schedule the past couple weeks giving workshops from Boise, ID, to Santa Rosa, CA, and then traveling back east to WNBA’s national presidents’ meeting, not to mention my “day job.” I know, we’re...
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  Is fiction the 21st Century's nonfiction? From many points of reference, it is. We are inundated with the gyrations and hubris of movie stars, politicians, government, sports figures, singers, authors, You Tubers, bites & bits from social networkers, and staged stunts on "reality"...
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This time, while walking the memoir labyrinth, deliberately open your mind to the colors that appear when using your senses. Spend time thinking about how color affects each of your five senses, one at a time. And then expand your thoughts into combining, for example, taste with smell or sight with...
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-- Publishers Weekly, 4/28/2010 10:06:22 AM The 2010 Pannell Award winners have been announced. Green Toad Bookstore in Oneonta, N.Y., has won in the general bookstore category; an honorable mention was awarded to Third Place Books  in Lake Forest Park, Wash. Little Shop of Stories in Decatur, Ga...
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When you use descriptive imagery in writing memoir you add powerful appeal to your true story. The images I’m referring to are the mental pictures you have stored away in your memory banks of a person, place, or thing, whether they are remembered vividly or in a shadowy vision. Creatively...
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Memoir as a gift… When you write true tales, while walking the memoir labyrinth, it is appropriate to think of the stories as gifts. And here is why I believe that to be true. “Give the Gift of Story” is the title of my guide book, so it goes hand-in-hand with the type of writing I encourage you to...
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Writers Pitching to Agents 2009
Authors and Writers  “Speed-Dating” by the Bay at our 7th Annual Signature Event Meet-the-Agents, Editors, & Publishers                     Saturday, March 27th, 2010  •  9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Sinbad’s Restaurant, Pier 2, San Francisco $50 WNBA members • $65 non-members* • $75 at the door (...
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I know you’re budding out, pert and peppy in all your glory, Spring. I feel you beckon me with your flirtatious ways, flowing sap and saucy spirit, so that I can’t resist your charms, but that only means trouble is looming on the horizon. Our love affair is fraught with predictable problems, and I...
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I see walking a labyrinth as a metaphor for the passionate journey into memoir writing. Labyrinths have been around for centuries and have been used by folks in many parts of the world as a path on their spiritual quest or for exploring aspects of their lives in a thoughtful manner. Labyrinths are...
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A few weeks ago, at the San Francisco Writers Conference, I had the good fortune to met Peter Beren, a publishing consultant for over 30 years and the author of this informative guest post. He graciously gives us the basics of the book business as he sees it – information, which all writers should...
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Writing through emotional pain is today’s focus. Physical pain (Remember the slap in the face mentioned in the last post?) can be rife with emotional pain. Incidentally, one woman sent me a message, after post #3, saying that she called the slaps she received from her mother “love taps.” That’s an...
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I've Always Loved You, Ann Seymour
Ann Seymour’s I’ve Always Loved You is a book everyone interested in writing historical memoir should read. It is a remarkable example in emphasizing how to sustain a narrative voice when history is a big part of the memoir. Fascinating and heartbreaking are the first two words that come to mind...
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The last time you joined me on the memoir labyrinth, we touched on time as a great leveler. Today we’ll tap into time as a powerful healer. When was the last time you thought about the day your mother slapped your face? I remember when my very non-violent mother slapped mine, although I haven’t...
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The story you will write, from the maze of your memories into memoir, will come from the truth as you see it. Time and memory transform what and how we remember. Time is a great leveler. Time levels because it allows us to gain control over our emotions and we mature. Our feelings simmer down after...
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Writing a memoir is like making one's way through a maze. First of all, it’s hard to back away from life’s events and experiences to see them clearly. The honest attempt to put our ego and emotions aside is something we, TellTale Souls, constantly work on when writing our bio-vignettes that capture...
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