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Mother Nature’s daughter, naughty or nice? I know you’re budding out, pert and peppy in all your glory, Spring. I feel you beckon me with your flirtatious ways, flowing sap and saucy spirit, so that I can’t resist your charms, but that only means trouble is looming on the horizon. Our love affair...
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Zoe Carter
Whether or not one believes the choices this family made in Zoe Carter’s memoir, Imperfect Endings, are right or wrong, Carter is an undeniably powerful writer, who has an easy way with words on a complex, but timely issue. She has taken the difficult, to say the least, subject of life and death...
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Conquering Writer’s BlockHello, and welcome once again to The Story Woman blog where the Mother Memoir reigns supreme. What is the one story you will write to convey the essence of your mother’s character and spirit in the way you want her remembered? Let’s just say you have decided on the event or...
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That’s you, the messenger. It’s there, your voice. It is right there bubbling up inside you—you already knew that, didn’t you? But do you believe it? Do you trust it? Maybe you are thinking, “I just babble.” Well, I think I babble on and on, too, sometimes, but then I snap out of it and become...
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“It’s so gratifying because it’s the audience that nobody really gives a shit about,” quipped Meryl Streep in an interview with Vanity Fair about her success in movies at the age of 60.  Women will buy tickets and books that actually interest them, but we all knew that, didn’t we? This same...
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Okay, so I received a few books for Christmas that I can't help but tell you about. Here's The Story Woman's review of another great read: Once again, C.W. Gortner doesn’t disappoint. The Confessions of Catherine de Medici bring a terrible, bloody time in European history to light through the...
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Alice Munro is one of the few authors I have read who so artfully relates the throes of the human condition through her characters’ active and reactive thoughts revolving around people with whom they are intimate and others whom they’ve simply met on their path through life. Having just devoured...
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I’m nobody! Who are you? Are you – Nobody -  Too? Then there’s the pair of us! Don’t tell! They’d advertise – you know!    How dreary – to be – Somebody! How public – like a frog – To tell one’s name – the livelong June – To the admiring bog!          Emily Dickinson
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Most of us have given our mothers cards on various holidays, complete with pat phrases, often via Hallmark, extolling the virtues of millions of moms.  This year take a good look at her—go deep down inside of her and yourself to write a “Mother Memoir” as only you can—one that fits her precisely.  ...
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Close to a dozen times now I’ve asked you to walk the memoir labyrinth as an extraordinary way to clear your mind and take a new look at people and events.  It is hard to back away from life’s events and experiences to see them clearly. The honest attempt to put our ego and emotions aside is...
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This weekend…click here for all the information on the 2010 SF Writers for Change Conference. Attend this conference and you’ll see that I’m not the only one who believes writing can change your life and your words can change the lives of others.  Will Your Book Be The One ThatChanges The World…...
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Grey some say. I always spell it gray, so I guess that means I'm one of those wayward Americans, which I am proud to be!—I’m told the King’s English uses an “e” to spell gray. Either way, gray or grey can be dispiriting. Would Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue have connected so powerfully with music...
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What's a memoir teacher to do when a student makes her blush with humility and delight? Well, this one is going to share Marlene's kind words with you hoping you will follow her lead and write memoir. Please click here to go to The Story Woman blog to read what Marlene had to say about her...
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Are you toying with the idea of writing a memoir? Are you unsure or fearful of venturing out of your comfort zone to become the author of your true tales? You’re thinking: I’ve never written anything before.  I‘d like to write a memoir, but I don’t think I have the talent to make my experiences...
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The Good Daughters-Maynard.jpg
The Good Daughters—Two sides of the same coin, or should I say strawberry plants? (Once you read the book, you’ll know what I mean.)Through Joyce Maynard’s insightful writing, I found the off-shoots, Dana and Ruth, to be not only good daughters, but also strong women, each with a powerful belief in...
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