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Or is it intention, inspiration, fruition?  Many years ago, inspiration led me to write a book, a guidebook filled with exercises and stories to take “most anyone” on a journey along a writer’s path. For the past few years, my intention has been to craft it well, to make it different and special, and then to send this guidebook out to the masses. That is now has come to fruition—about a month ago TellTale Souls Writing the Mother Memoir: How to Tap Memory & Write Your Story was published.

Back to the order of the nouns. Fruition needs to stay put on the list, since it marks the end point, the fulfillment of the desire to transport your thoughts to paper through a heartfelt story or to Wow! the world with a brilliant 400 page page-turner.  However, whether to put intention or inspiration first on the list isn’t so cut and dried.  But, does it matter?  Let’s take a look at both intention and inspiration.

Is it your intention to write because you feel you must get a certain story told, or did a Tarot seer say she saw a book in you?

True story—Anne, a friend of mine, who claims she has no desire to write, said the Tarot pointed her towards authoring a book.  Now the idea is eating away at her, although inspiration hasn’t knocked, and she still has no intention to write a book.

Another woman, Joy, clearly had the intention to write a story about her mother, so she signed up for my class, “Keeping Spirits Alive.”  Joy wrote a terrific short and true Mother Memoir and became so full of inspiration that she’s now writing a novel.

So, where does this leave you? Do you need inspiration to weld its power first, as it did with me, since I had no intention to write a book way back when? Or are you filled with intention? You have a burning desire to write, but don’t know where the inspiration will come from?  It does matter.

I’ve spent the past dozen years inspiring daughters and sons to write The Mother Memoir.  If you have the intention, take a journey with me, and you’ll find the inspiration you need.  If you have inspiration, I’ll guide you along a path to find your voice, learn to capture character, and write a compelling story to fulfill your desire to write.

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I can't wait to get my hands

I can't wait to get my hands on your book Lynn. Congratulations. Fruition is a beautiful word. m

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Fruition speaks volumes

Fruition speaks volumes beautifully.  Yes, it does.

And I can't wait to here your comments on TTS! A friend is giving me a book launch party tomorrow. Sure wish you were joining us, but that would be quite a swim across the pond. I will be celebrating you and all TellTale Souls.


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Oh Lynn, I will be there in

Oh Lynn, I will be there in spirit! Have a fabulous evening-you deserve it. mx