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That Old Tug at your Heart

Seems like I've neglected my blog far too long, but it has been all I could do to keep up with a hectic schedule the past couple weeks giving workshops from Boise, ID, to Santa Rosa, CA, and then traveling back east to WNBA’s national presidents’ meeting, not to mention my “day job.” I know, we’re all swamped, but let us not forget about dad – you still have time to give him the best gift ever (see below).

Fathers, I haven’t forgotten you! It is your day on Sunday. I've posted a little poem for all the sons and daughters out there who, when thinking of their fathers, feel a tug at their heart. I know I do.

The following poem, author unknown, is for you:

When I think of you, I just

Can’t restrain the tug at

My heart that I can’t explain.

When I think of you

Winter or summer, sun-

shine or rain, there’ll always

Remain that tug at my

Heart that I can’t explain,

When I think of you.

 Now that you’re feeling that dad is tugging at your heart for your, write a short memoir by answering this question, “If I could tell just one small story that would capture my father’s character and keep his spirit alive, what would it be?” Become a TellTale Soul.