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Contest on How Using COMMON SENSE Makes Perfect Sense
The Story Woman


Social, Intellectual, Religious, Political– you name it!

Winner of Part 1 receives my “how-to” book, Give the Gift of Story: TellTale Souls’ Essential Guide to Tap Memory & Write Memoir in Five Acts, since learning to capture the character of a loved one in story makes Perfect Sense.

Winner of Part 2 receives $25 USD from The Story Woman™, since my Common Sense tells me people like cash; it’s as simple as that.

Threads of Common Sense run throughout the Mother Memoirs of TellTale Souls, but collecting pieces, examples, or bits of Common Sense is not the purpose of the bio-vignettes that daughters and sons write about their mothers.  However, the purpose of this contest is to do just that.

This is a very simple contest with very simple rules because it's all about Common Sense. What could be simpler than to use Common Sense when going about our daily lives? When interacting with others, employing critical thinking, finding solutions to problems, figuring out which path to take, teaching children right from wrong, or deciding to spend money or save it using Common Sense makes Perfect Sense. 

EXAMPLES OF COMMON SENSE, some of which have become cliché:

  • Borrowing money from a friend could end the friendship
  • If you don’t want a speeding ticket, don’t drive over the speed limit
  • Stay alive, don’t drink and drive
  • If you don’t have the money to pay for something, don’t charge it
  • What you show or tell on the internet will follow you forever
  • Wear layers of clothing if you’re visiting San Francisco any time of year
  • Don’t be duped by politicians, think for yourself
  • Don’t jump off a bridge just because your friends are jumping off

And don’t think too hard about what is meant by the term Common Sense; we’re not going to get philosophical, scientific, or psychological here. This contest is to have fun by sharing our Common Sense.

Rules for Common Sense Contest Part 1 & 2 are easy:

Part 1   Send the best piece or most interesting bit of Common Sense you have. Simply enter your comment on The Story Woman Blog Contest Post by clicking here.

Part 2   For a chance to win $25 USD you’ll have to work a little harder.  Write an essay of no more than 500 words using your interesting bit on Common Sense combined with the 5-Ws:

  1. Who gave you that piece of Common Sense
  2. What good has come from using Common Sense
  3. When did you last use Common Sense
  4. Where could we use more Common Sense in today’s world
  5. Why is it important/valuable to use Common Sense

Simply leave your essay on The Story Woman Blog Contest Post by clicking here.

I know the value of collect and using Common Sense, so this contest will run until we have 50 legitimate responses. After the 50 are in, the entries will be judged by The Story Woman and friends, the winners will be announced, and the prizes sent.

More thoughts:

You can also write about what you wish you’d been taught about Common Sense AND why it would have benefitted you

  • Where did you get your common sense (mother, father, teach, etc.)
  • Essays on importance of common sense
  • Essays on positive examples of using common sense
  • Ethnicity & common sense
  • Age & common sense
  • Do our politicians use common sense
  • Consequences of not having/using common sense
  • Do we use common sense today, if not, why not
  • Does our educational system encourage common sense – or just the opposite
  • More ideas from you…