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5 Reasons to Write Your Mother Memoir
Write Mother Memoir

I’ll start by asking you a few questions and end with a short list of the 5 reasons for you to write a memoir that captures the character & spirit of your mother. The Mother Memoir is a short, true tale—a bio-vignette—of just a few pages, so it is doable!

 Will you let your mother’s significance simply fade away?

  • How will you make sure that doesn’t happen?
  • Did you know you can learn a great deal more about your mother by looking at her from the inside out?
  • Do you want future generations to know something about her that only you can share?
  • If you feel old wounds open when thinking about your mom, do you want to find an avenue to help heal them?
  • Would it feel good to have your mother remembered with a simple written record?
  • Do you see the value of sharing Mother Memoirs as a significant means not only to connect with your mother, but to connect with the spirit of women from various walks of life?
  • Today’s society puts emphasis mostly on “self;” isn’t chronicling the spirit of others a breath of fresh air?
  • If you don’t write it down, it will be lost. Wouldn’t that be a shame?

(Please leave me a comment on your answers to any of these questions.)

 She’s your mother, maybe your grandmother, or another woman who made you feel like a daughter or a son. Have you ever really stopped to think who she actually is as an individual, as a woman unto herself? What aspect of her being, which quality, action, or anecdote could you draw upon to bring the essence of her character to light in a short memoir, which will give someone reading your story a pretty good idea of what she is or was like, as seen through your eyes?

At times she is mysterious, other times transparent. But of this you can be sure, she’s not the same woman to anyone other than you. For our purposes here, we’re not going to get philosophical, and we’ll leave the psychoanalysis to the docs. Explore her multifaceted character and complex inner make up to discover certain aspects of her spirit that stand out. Use some of those qualities to allow her character to come to life by writing about her individuality in a short, true tale.

What do you most remember about her and want others to know about her? What significant parts of her character seem to be hers and hers alone?  Seize that little gem you’ve conjured up in your mind’s eye. Take hold of it, round it out, and polish it as you develop it into a true story that will reveal who she is at her core.   

The exhilarating experience of writing a memoir about your mother will be absolutely unique. There is no one else who has your particular memories and your familiarity and understanding of the people, places, incidents, and events that were a part of her life, some of which you will portray in your Mother Memoir. There is not a soul on earth who has your voice – let it ring clear and true.

Summing up it up in 5:

  1. Keeping our mothers’ spirits alive. There is no better way to pay tribute to a loved one than through a simple written record. A photograph captures a look at best, whereas a bio-vignette captures character and spirit.
  2.  Understanding more and gaining wisdom. The wisdom of the ages is contained in our spirits and revealed in how we lead our lives and the impact our actions have on others. Actions can be crowned by positive achievements, bent by negative influences, clouded by perceptions, and colored by perspectives. It’s up to each one of us to sort it out.
  3. Discovering the secrets of women from different walks of life. An array of possibilities for embracing life unfolds before us when we read true stories about mothers different from our own. Shared wisdom compels compassion, understanding, and unity. 
  4. Creating catharsis. When the relationship between a mother and her daughter or son is or was difficult or rocky, the outcome of writing a short, true story about her usually results in emotional or psychological healing.
  5. Becoming richer from the experience by actually writing a bio-vignette. For those of us, TellTale Souls, who have embarked on this journey, we reach the other side more thoughtful, more knowing, and more satisfied. In a nut shell, writing the Mother Memoir is stimulating, enthralling, poignant, cathartic, and uniting.

 The Story Woman™ asks daughters and sons to write Mother Memoir to keep spirits alive.


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Lynn, What a beautiful idea.


What a beautiful idea. I have written short blog posts about my mother, but never thought of expanding, until now.

Thanks for the wonderful prompts to get me started.


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Writing about mom...

Thank you, Annette. Makes me feel terrific to know I inspired you to move more deeply into writing about your mother. I'd be honored, if you'd send me a story about her to read or perhaps post on my Story Woman blog, if you'd like.


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My Mother

This is my brief tribute to my once and always beautiful mother:

Amidst the sweet fragrance and lavender hues of lilac blossoms on a mild spring evening in late May, I remember as a child of five how lovingly my mother watched over me on the front lawn of our rural home as I chased bumble bees and caught all too fleeting glimpses of a ruby-throated emerald green hummingbird with whirring fairy wings. Looking back now, I see my mother's wraith-like image etched eternally against the darkening heavens, rose-tinged from the setting sun. It was a time of innocence and joy before the worries of the world weighed me down.  I have these sensuous, carefree moments locked away securely in my consciousness; they are mine to revel in forever.

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Hi Brenden,

Thank you for letting me read a bit of your beautiful thoughts about your mother. Aren't you fortunate to have them locked away, but ever there to make a sunset glow.

~Lynn, The Story Woman

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Thank you for sharing this

Thank you for sharing this post Lynn.  It took the tail end of my mothers life here on earth then her passing for me to fully appreciate what a wonderful mother she was.  I have since written a handful of blogs to celebrate her spirit and to acknowledge her inner strength and beauty which I was not fully able to show her when she was still alive.  Reading your post only validates more what a blessed life I have because of my mother.

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Hi Rina, You are blessed to

Hi Rina,

You are blessed to have had a mother about whom you sing praises in celebraton of her life! Not everyone is so fortunate. I was fortunate, too, with my mom. She was the inspiration for my work, since after she died I started TellTale Souls and Mother Memoir  to encourage people to leave something in writing about their mothers' character and spirit. If you're interested, you can go to www.telltalesouls.com to see what it's all about.

Keeping Spirits Alive,


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Thank you Lynn, I visited

Thank you Lynn, I visited your site and tried to post one of my stories, unfortunately I could not cut and paste what I had written on word.  Am I doing something incorrectly? 

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Posting on my site

Hi Rina,

I need to go in an find out why your cut & paste didn't work in the submission area on my site. Thank you for letting me know.

Please send your story directly to me: lynn(at)telltalesouls.com

I look forward to reading it!