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Lynn E. Hazen's Books

From BooklistSeymour Snail hopes to be a great artist someday, but he feels shy about showing his work. He is thrilled to get a job in an art gallery, but he is bullied by his new boss, Mr. Stink Bug. At last, though, Seymour's slimy glitter art is recognized by Mr. Stink Bug's client, Lady CocoLaRoche, and the snail becomes a star. Some of the humor in this early chapter book,...
Fifteen-year-old Shifty knows all about moving around and next to nothing about where he came from. When he's assigned to a new foster home and family, he tries hard to keep cool and stay out of trouble. But it seems like the more he tries to do the right thing, the more trouble he finds. As Shifty navigates a series of messy summer adventures, he struggles to find a balance...
Buzz Bumble to the Rescue
A story of sibling rivalry that's sure to have kids buzzing! Buzz Bumble is admired by all the bees in the garden for his fancy flying-and he loves being the center of attention. That is, until Baby Bumble arrives. Then everyone overlooks poor Buzz while they gush over the new bee. Buzz is not happy, especially when Ansel Antennae focuses his camera on Baby Bumble instead of on...
CINDER RABBIT by Lynn E. Hazen, illustrated by Elyse Pastel
  "Children will hop, skip, and jump to read this story again and again. A delightful early reader." --Elissa Haden Guest, author of the Iris and Walter series "Hip hop hurrah for Hazen's satisfying romp about a courageous rabbit who saves the day and the school play! Beginning chapter book readers will love Cinder Rabbit, a story filled with humor and...
Mermaid Mary Margaret
Mary Margaret is a spunky ten-year-old girl with a tough mission. Her mother has asked her to accompany her recently widowed grandmother on a cruise to the Greek Islands. Mary Margaret wonders if she'll really be able to help her grandma get the rest, relaxation, and recuperation she needs, or if she'll just be in the way on this seniors-only cruise. But in time Mary Margaret makes...