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Lynette A. Hart's Books

  New book guides pet lovers in selecting and welcoming 'Your Ideal Cat'     Authors Ben and Lynette Hart give advice on how to choose a new feline companion for your existing cat. (UC Davis press release)   Cats may have nine lives but humans have only one. Before you decide to share yours with a cat, you might want to check out which breed- and gender-related...
Why do students continue to dissect animals in biology classes? Why, despite the excellence of teaching resources for veterinary and human medical education that substitute for dissection, do those provided for pre-college students fall short in convenience, flexibility, and coordination with the curriculum? Why Dissection? Animal Use in Education looks beyond the typical yes-or-no...
Behavior medicine is perhaps the most rapidly emerging discipline in animal health care. Small animal practice is reaching the point where most practitioners are expected to offer their clients help in the behavioral area. Canine and Feline Behavior Therapy, Second Edition offers practical advice from board-certified specialists applicable to informed pet owners and any small...