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Sheriff Cord Arbutten's wife is dead, an apparent suicide, but his grown son claims she was murdered--by the Sheriff. Investigative reporter Allie Grainger gets involved when her best friend Sheryl, a Sheriff's Deputy, begs her to help. Repeated clashes with the Sheriff's son only make Allie more determined to discover the truth.  Rand sets out to block Allie at every turn....
When Allie Grainger inherits her aunt's Cape Canaveral beach house, she wants time to mourn her aunt's death and her own failed marriage, but she hasn't been back in town twenty-four hours before she stumbles on the body of a woman floating in the water at the Canaveral jetty. At first, it seems that the only thing that links the victim to Allie is her appearance. But when her...
Of Words & Music is the story of Lilah Kimball, a sixty-year-old widow who has pretty much given up on life. Bethany Freemont is Lilah’s twelve-year-old granddaughter with most of her life ahead of her. The two have never met. Then a tragic accident orphans Bethany, and Lilah is forced to take the child into her home, at least temporarily. Lilah and Bethany are...
Reseased June 2007
About IF TRUTH BE TOLD:When Christie O'Kelly's beloved uncle remarries, she gets more than a new aunt. Part of the package is Carly's college-bound son, the man Christie will love for the rest of her life, but their relationship is far from placid. When Todd marries someone else, Christie's young heart is broken. Todd reappears eight years later, determined to regain Christie's...