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Uh oh. I just realized I'm in a rut!

It pays to look at your blog page once in a while.  I did today, and I realize I'd titled every single blog with a question.  Does this mean I'm in a rut?  That I'm predictable and boring.  Wow, I hope not!  I'll try to be more creative and versitile in the future.

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Of course, it might mean

Of course, it might mean that you are very curious.

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What a lovely way to look at it!

I'll accept that as the reason. I am very curious. My mother said I drove her nuts when I was a kid asking question after question. I wanted to know what everything was and how it worked. My kids are just like me.

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If you actually found out

If you actually found out how everything works, please let me know.

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I wish I could tell you.

I'll ask around.