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LIVE Ringer, Coming March 2010

My work isn't writing.  It never has been, although I've been writing since I was ten years old.  I also work full-time and have all my life.  No.  Writing isn't my work; writing is my love. 

It's always amazed me that I can come home exhausted from a full day of work, much of which is done on a computer.  My first responsibility has to be feeding and walking my three dogs.  If you like dogs, you really should check out my menagerie (either here or on my website www.fitzgeraldwrites.com).  Once the dogs are settled, I head to the computer.  At that point, time stops.

 I've been known to write from 7 p.m. until 2 or 3 a.m. and, believe me, I've paid for it the next day.  The only way I could prevent these marathon sessions would be to set an alarm, but I'm afraid I wouldn't hear it.  Neighbors have told me they've stopped by, rung the bell, knocked on the door, and eventually left, figuring I didn't want to see them.  Most understand when I explain that writing takes me to another place.  A few don't.  I'll miss them.

This isn't to say that writing isn't work.  It is.  Hard work.  It doesn't feel like it when you're doing it, but you know the toll it takes when you finish up a session and can barely make it to the bed.

Editing is even harder work, and it feels like it when you're doing it.  Unfortunately, it's the only way you'll ever see your work in print.

Someday I'll be able to write full time.  When that day comes and people ask me where I work, I'll tell them, "I don't."